Guest Services

The last thing we want to worry about are the little things. While our rides are built for unique experiences and thrills, your safety is also our utmost priority! So here at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse, we provide a comprehensive range of services from professional medical aid to secure locker rentals that will ensure you, your family and friends can enjoy a care-free, splashing good time!

Two ladies are in a locker room getting ready for a day out in the water park. The girl on the right is taking out a towel from one of the lockers.

Locker services

Store your belongings in a safe and dry environment where they won’t get wet! We have ample lockers for everyone, so you will never have to worry where your hotel keys are when going 30 km/h down the Zombie Chase-r!

A stack of white towels.

Towel Rental

Did you forget to bring a towel? Well fret not, with our towel rental service you can get as wet and as wild as you like without having to worry about drying off afterwards!

Two people are by the seaside of one of the water park attractions in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The person at the back is wearing an inflatable donut and the person in front is leading her with excitement.

emergency response

The water park is equipped with an on-site first aid center with four registered nurses and a nurse aid always on standby. Professionally certified lifeguards keep an eye out over the entire water park, ensuring the safety of all parkgoers.

First-Aid Clinic
9am - 6pm
on-ground Aid
10am - 6pm
A Free Wifi sign attached to a palm tree. The sign itself is written in white on wooden sign.

Free Wifi

We provide complimentary WiFi to all our guests! Collect your unique WiFi ID at the Welcome Center, valid for one device per ID.