Rides & attractions

Prepare to be transported to a world of epic adventures alongside your favorite movie characters. Theme and water park attractions include the largest Aqua Playground in Southeast Asia, the world’s first Water Dome and Giant LED Screens with concert-grade Dolby DTS Surround sound for an immersive jaw-dropping experience. All and more await, only at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse!

An aerial view of the Ghostbusters Zone in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The water slides are twisting and turning on top of each other with the Ghostbusters logo attached to one of them.

Ghostbusters Zone

From the iconic and beloved film franchise featuring supernatural ghosts and Proton Packs, get ready for Asia’s first Ghostbusters supernatural water slide! Step into the Ghostbusters’ firehouse entrance and zip across ghost traps as you glide down water coasters while being chased by Slimer and other ghostly residents!

Two teenagers on an inflatable donut sliding into the water from the mouth of the Jaguar Shrine from Jumanji. The background has an image of the twisting water slide.

Jumanji Zone

Brave the world of Jumanji by visiting Jaguar Mountain, where wild jungle themed water slides keep you ahead of the Mandrills chasing you directly into a splash pool.

Two surfers are having fun surfing on tidal water at the Surf's Up attraction at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The cabana for the attraction is seen in the background.

Surf’s Up

For all Surfing lovers, we have a FlowRider Double Surf Machine! Feel the tropical vibe of Pen Gu Island and surf a mighty wave alongside Cody, Chicken Joe and Lani, or learn to shred with an instructor on this exhilarating water attractions.

Characters from the movie Hotel Transylvania are decorated in front of the aqua playground's entrance. Giant splash buckets and water slides are seen in the background.

Hotel Transylvania

Kick back with Drac’s pack at the biggest Branded Aqua Playground in SEA featuring 9 slides and over 100 frighteningly fun water features, water rockets, gigantic splash buckets and more as you greeted by Drac, Mabel, Blobby and dozens of the guests of Hotel Transylvania!

A woman is posing with the characters from The Emoji Movie on a mini golf's putting green.

The Emoji Movie Mini Golf

Family and friends will be able to show off their skills at The Emoji Movie Mini Golf Zone and be able to collect prizes by overcoming obstacles at every hole.

A crowd of people are frolicking in the lazy river found at the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs attraction at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The people are using inflatable donuts and the 3D signage for the movie is seen in the background.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Float through Swallow Falls, spot Wacky Foodimals, and indulge in food-themed delights in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure - Get Served, With What's Well Deserved! A whimsical journey of relaxation, fun, and culinary delights awaits!

A go-kart racer is racing in at the Bad Boys Race Club in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. The image is strewn with neon lights and the background depicts a night scene in Miami.

Bad Boys Race Club

Buckle up for speed and explosive go-kart action as you race through the streets of Miami on the brand-new outdoor track in one-of-a-kind custom go-karts.

Three people are sliding down the Zombieland Zone, their expressions show excitement with a clownhead entrance shown in the background.

Zombieland Zone

Immerse in thrill at Zombieland in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse - top-rated movie-themed water park! From a heart-pounding 12m free-fall, exhilarating 360-degree spin, to conquering Asia's steepest body slide, it's the ultimate adrenaline rush. Challenge friends on our fast mat racer slide, and face the horrific Zombie Clown - the apex of water park excitement!